About Us

About Us

Established in 2022, Creatick Broadband Private Limited operates under the West Bengal Class "B" ISP. Our mission is to provide high-speed internet and internet solutions. Collectively, we at Creatick Broadband commit to provide our customers our best efforts from a variety of angles.

  • Enterprise connectivity with a 99.5% SLA
  • Reliability
  • High Speed
  • Excellent Service at Reasonable Cost
  • Flexibility to increase bandwidth in accordance with your needs as a business
  • Devoted Relationship Manager following the handover of links
  • 24/7 technical assistance
  • Quick on-site assistance in case of equipment malfunction

Our Features

  • Super Fast Fiber Internet

    With Creatick Broadband, enjoy ultra-fast broadband connectivity of the next generation. You may now download, browse, post, and watch content quickly. Now is the moment to conquer the virtual realm. We don't skimp on speed, and you ought to be able to too.

  • High Definition Video Streaming

    Are you sick of having to change the quality settings when you watch TV shows and films online? Searching for the best technology enhancer for streaming HD videos? Here's where your search ends. Now that audio and video streaming are being elevated to a new level thanks to Creatick Broadband, live the HD dream.

  • Great Value For Money

    Starter internet services with Creatick Broadband are affordable and cater to all your streaming and downloading needs. The official end of your wait is here. Enjoy now a fibre optic network with nearly infinite capacity that can be bent to fit your demands.

  • Excellent Bandwidth For Sharing And Uploading

    With the unfathomable bandwidth connection provided by Creatick Broadband, you may upload content as quickly as you can download it. Enjoy streaming HD videos and quicker downloads at the same time. With improved fibre internet connectivity, go ahead of the competition.

  • Choose Your Plans According to Your Budget

    This is a strategy that bears your name. Excited to get underway? Don't worry; we're here to assist you in determining what's best for you. We assist you in selecting the internet plan that best fits your need. We can assist you in selecting the most affordable high-speed internet subscription.